Multiplier Events

    CRESCEnt Showcase Events

    May and June, 2021


    Are you an institutional stakeholder (spokespersons and communicators) or a journalist in the security and law enforcement fields?

    Are you a relevant stakeholder or an opinion leader, or belong to a civil society organization or local authorities?

    If you belong to these groups, join this event!
    During these sessions, you will experiment with innovative methods, tools and techniques in the field of strategic communication applicable to security threats developed in the Erasmus+ CRESCENT project.

    You will also explore new opportunities for knowledge transfer and skills development, and you will be introduced to the free online course (MOOC).

    The event will be celebrated in Spain (May 20th, 2021), Romania (May 28th, 2021) and Greece (June 11th, 2021) for an audience of at least 50 individuals from each of the three countries involved in the project.

    Taking into account the sanitary restrictions imposed in each partner country, the event will be organized either on-site or online.

    In the links above, you can find the details of the event you want to attend, for each country.

    Event Schedule

    Presentation of CRESCEnt Project

    • Guidelines
    • Syllabus
    • MOOC and OERs
    Demonstration of the intellectual products’ application to cases and concrete examples of treatment of information on radicalization, extremism or terrorism
    Debates with the attendees to exchange ideas and propose improvements

    Presentation of the upcoming editions of online course and the MOOC


    Remember the Multiplier Event in Spain

    Video Summary

    Event recording

    The Multiplier events are a result of the project CRESCEnt Project. Mind the gap in media CoveRagE and Strategic communication in CasE of security Threats – the development of critical thinking and responsible reaction, adn Strategic partnership project within ERASMUS+ Program AGREEMENT NO. – 2018-1-RO01-KA202-049449.Z