Mind the Gap in media coverage and strategic communication in case of security threats

    A lack of critical thinking and responsible reaction

    According to expert reports, some of the most acute crisis in communication between public institutions and journalists have been reached during specific events. The southern part of Europe more specifically lacks a coordinated and efficient handling of such crisis as proven by the migration crisis in Greece (2015), the terrorist attacks in Spain (2017), or disaster cases in Romania (e.g. Colectiv arson case, 2015).

    The three countries are linked by the need to address strategic communication in case of security threats.


    Between spokespersons and journalists, conflicting perspectives.



    Biased interpretations and a lack of understanding of its implications.



    An overlook of useful recommendations, while focusing on sensationalist facts.


    Encourage stigmatization and hate speech, easing discrimination and racist stereotypes etc.

    As a consequence of emergent threats at European level, from social polarization and extremism to routinized racism, normalized xenophobia, and mainstreamed hate speech, one can observe the tendency of the media to present factual data regarding security threats in a generalizing manner, with strong impact on social inclusion/exclusion, polarization, growth of panic, fear, stigmatization or unsupportive, toxic behaviours.



    We offer a solution


    The project will allow experts (both spokespersons and journalists) create synergies between different fields of education, training and youth.


    A great opportunity to share and confront ideas between professionals.

    Training courses

    There will be digital learning materials for online and on-site training.

    Professional Resources

    An expert toolkit will allow professionals to adopt culturally-aware and ethically fair everyday practices.

    The interconnection between the two groups is inevitable, as the institutional spokespersons address the messages to the journalists in the field, and the way the last category presents the news to the public is dependent of a good communication between the two parts and to a strong understanding of the field.

    About the project

    The project proposes a cross-sectorial initiative in the fields of education for media and strategic communication in relation to security, prevention and counteraction of criminal acts. The consortium partners include civil and military universities that offer expertise in how to create a safe communication environment and law enforcement agencies that are directly involved in preventing and countering social polarisation and unrest, radicalisation, extremism and terrorism.

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